Why should you vote in the 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections?

  • Because Fundamental Rights are for All!

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights provide the cornerstones for ensuring fundamental rights in the EU’s internal and external policies. However, in practice, principles and rulings are violated, and the EP plays a key role in holding both the European Commission and the Council of the EU (EU Member States) accountable – not least when it comes to the rights of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and other vulnerable groups.

  • Because it is Your Best Chance to Protect Fundamental Rights!

The EP elections represent one of the few opportunities for citizens to have a direct influence on EU policies. The EP remains the most open of all the EU institutions and many of its members (MEPs) are open to engaging with civil society. MEPs and the committees on which they serve are essential for scrutinising the other EU institutions and agencies. Progressive political groups and their members are key allies for human rights actors, including ECRE, to ensure respect for fundamental rights in legislative processes. If this is to continue, the composition of the EP for the 2024-2029 legislature will be hugely important, and if EU citizens are going to help to shape it, it is vital that they participate in the upcoming elections. In other words, your vote will have a direct impact on the defence and promotion of fundamental rights in EU policies!