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In the run-up to the European Parliament (EP) elections in 2019, ECRE campaigned alongside hundreds of other civil society organisations in the community. Combined, our messages reached approximately 60 million Europeans!

  • Together for Democracy is a community of people who believe in democracy and who want to give it real meaning as the next European elections approach. It connects people from across Europe to meet, share knowledge and learn new skills, and encourages as many EU citizens as possible to vote in 2024.

  •  Activities and Resources

The platform offers a variety of content relevant to European democracy in general and the EP elections in particular. It allows you to discover and download all the digital and print materials for events, campaigns, training seminars and creative initiatives across Europe.

  • Get Involved: The More People Vote, the Stronger our Democracy Becomes!

To join the fight for European democracy and access resources as an individual, register here.

To join as an organisation, please contact Tamam Abusalama and she will put you in touch with the EP’s civil society outreach team.